Getting Started

Using this archetype you can generate, build and run your first TrueVFS application in about five minutes. This archetype solves two typical issues for beginners:

  1. How to set-up a project structure?

    TrueVFS applies the convention-over-configuration paradigm and therefore figures its initial setup by scanning the class path. The POM of the generated application is richly commented to showcase the available options for including and excluding TrueVFS Driver and TrueVFS Extension modules on the class path.

    This should work for most applications. However, some advanced options are not simply configurable by composing the class path. Once you get to this point, please refer to the page Configuring TrueVFS Access for more information.

  2. How to use the TrueVFS API?

    As a starter, you should read the TrueVFS Tutorial. The generated application contains lots of sample code demonstrating different features of the client APIs in Java and Scala. Working from there, it should be straightforward to apply the client APIs to your individual use case.

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