Getting Started

TrueVFS is a multi-module project which is built by Apache Maven, so all its artifacts (including byte code, source code and Javadoc) are hosted on Maven Central.

The best way to get started is by applying one of the TrueVFS archetypes. A TrueVFS archetype is a Maven archetype which generates a fully-working TrueVFS project. You can then use the generated project as a template (even if you do not want to use Maven for your project) or simply edit it in place to develop your application. To apply an archetype now, please follow the guide Getting Started with an Archetype.

If you do not want to install Maven, then you can download an all-in-one JAR by following the guide Getting started without Maven.

Please make your choice now. Once you've setup your project, you should read the short tutorial to learn about the client APIs. If you want more sample code, then there is the module TrueVFS Samples - please check out or download its source code.